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Professional Aerial Drone Video in Saskatoon


Why Drone for aerial video?

  • Affordable – replaces expensive airplane or helicopter flights
  • Quiet – Flight without the noise and disturbance that comes with traditional flight methods
  • Fly where a helicopter or airplane could never fly.
  • Replaces dollies, cranes & booms without compromising precise & smooth pan-tilt function
  • Bird's Eye view perspective

Questions & Answers

What weather can you fly in?

As the drone is not waterproof, we are unable to fly during precipitation. A light wind is acceptable, but the greater the wind, the more unstable and shaky the video will become. We fly if the wind is less than 20km/hr. Temperatures below zero are untested by us and not recommended by the manufacturer.

How long is a typical flight?

A regular flight is 20 minutes per battery. We have multiple batteries, and just need to land to replace the dead battery with a fresh one.

Do you fly indoors?

If there is a large, unobstructed area, we are confident in our ability to fly indoors.

How high can you fly?

Due to height restrictions, we are only able to fly 120 meters (approx 400ft).

How fast can you fly?

Our drone will reach speeds of up to 50km/hr.

Do you take pictures or just video?

Our drone camera is built for HD video recording at 1080p30 and photography at 14 megapixels with a resolution of 4384 x 3288 pixels.

What area do you serve?

We will travel almost anywhere in the Prairie provinces (travel expenses applicable). Within a 50km radius of Saskatoon, there is no cost for travel.

Do you provide post-production?

Yes. We offer editing services if required. If you just need the raw footage or photos, we can provide that too.

What is a UAV?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle : An aircraft piloted by remote control or onboard computers.

Real Estate

Sell your property faster.
Acreages - Farms - Commercial - Industrial - Resort & Cottage - Condos & High Rises

Archival & Commercial

Capture memories and keep records.
Homesteads - Farms - Ranches - Acreages - Historical Sites - Construction Progress

Sports & Recreation

Record or promote.
Football - Baseball - Marathons - Fun Runs - Golf Courses - Ski Hills

Tourism & Events

Draw visitors & tourists.
Resorts - Cities - Towns - Municipalities - Tourist Attractions - Festivals - Concerts

Professional aerial video has never been more affordable!

With a wide range of applications, from concerts and festivals to archiving homesteads, we can customize an aerial video for you.